The PERFECT solution for my passion for exquisite self-care

The PERFECT solution for my passion for exquisite self-care! I got my first order a few weeks ago and I love this product. It doesn't take multiple uses to notice the improvement in my skin. I have only used it three times, and I noticed my complexion is smoother and softer just after one use. Twice I have used it on my face, the third time I decided to use it on my neck, shoulders, legs and chest. And YUP - worked just as well there too!

As someone who is highly sensitive to fragrances and scents, I deeply appreciate the fact this mask is odorless and not full of a lot of things I can't pronounce.

I stay away from most beauty products because of allergies to scents and chemicals, so this is the PERFECT solution for me and my passion for exquisite self-care!

Give yourself this gift.

Kelly I. 

Great new product!

Great texture, goes on smoothly and doesn't pull skin as it dries like most mud masks do. Did a great job on large pores. Customer service was excellent.

Diane V. 

Mud Mask Exceeds Expectations

I'm on my way to healthier skin and an improved complexion. The product is easy to apply to the face and it comes off easily too. I could not be more pleased.

Larry W.

Great product, goes on smoothly

Great product, goes on smoothly, smells good, unlike other masks I've tried. My skin is noticeably softer after just two days.

Susan D.

Unbeatable product for the price

This product was great - all three people that tried it said it was probably the best mask product that had used. Two of the three people had experience with other mud products the third was my daughter who is five who really had fun with it too.

Arthur K.

Great facial!!

Great facial!! Great product. Fast shipping too!

Melissa M.

Noticeably softer skin

I just love this product! I'm not big on fancy facial products but decided to try this at the urging of a friend. This has become part of my weekly routine.

My skin is noticeably softer and I really like the light fragrance. I highly recommend this Dead Sea mud mask!

Kelly N.

Great product that does what it claims!

I've been a believer in using mud masks to clean and clarify my skin for ages and have used a number of different products. This was the first time I used Dead Sea mud and I was very pleased with the results.

The mask itself feels very light, almost soufflé like, when it is being applied. Unlike some other masks I've used, it doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling overly tight. Washes off easily leaving my face as fresh as my mouth can sometimes be. 😉

Sylvia L.

Can't wait to use it again!

Love that this doesn't have that awful mask smell. Can't wait to use it again!

Howard S.

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Astounding Beauty Products has become one of the leading names within the beauty industry. Our line of natural and products has led to hundreds of satisfied customers. We're so excited to bring you our Dead Sea Mud Mask that we're going to let you try it risk-free. If you don't see stunning results, let us know and you we'll refund your purchase with our money-back guarantee!

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